Monday, January 22, 2007

carne di cane

They travel down stairs, grant in hands
their hands pen-swollen they make their way
down stairs.
I stand as I've stood, to watch them collide
Separate from books, together
At a place where boys who've known women know girls
and a movement for each object, those men who've known boys
cannot bear it when their influence fails
knowing all things, all dim and pale suggestions
are corrected by time, that dimension of love.
I would call someone, some former companion-in-distress
to ask if blankets have removed
slipping from gelid ribs
in the night who's windows rattle unless open,
when opened allow mediocre shouts of death.
Who decends impressed? Leaved your occulting habit
Youth is a disease, a wreck of joy!
Incomprehensible, anhedonic.


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