Saturday, February 04, 2012

Dogs ate the body of Christ

Dogs ate the body of Christ
that's why the tomb was empty

Those dogs who ate of christ
became endowed with cosmic powers

Among them:
Troubling gazes
The ability to contradict the arguments of even the most learned men
Wheedling, occasionally pursuasive howling and snarls
Some were granted tiny mashed faces
Brindle hocks
Extreme cleverness
Napalm piss
A black muzzle

And now they roam, burning with divine force
with obsidian sharp jaws
Shredding angel and man, mountain and cloud
shitting tidy coils throughout the houses of commerce,
bowling on the weekend
following up their initial questions
with a more focused accusation,
leaving evildoers unpunished
in every city.

We are the men made comfortable by this house, and perhaps
the dawgz who ate the Lord are chasing us, rounding the bannister
We are perhaps entering the pastel bathroom of history, slamming
the door and sitting, heels in the rug
like a stupid bib around the toilet's white neck,
our cold thighs are on the floor.

Some cities are completely safe, though no cities are complete
built as they are by accretion
like a man. Like the man dogs once tried to eat
only to find that he was not a man at all
but something else.


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