Friday, September 16, 2016

I disconnected my headlight because the motorcycle's battery wasn't charging. This meant I couldn't ride at night. 
Stars poised to invade the Texas desert through the open window of my mind
If I looked too long
divorced by the majesty of the moment from memories of weather on other continents

I stopped in this place
for the night

Two rows of low motels
Confronting one another over
a faded asphalt vein.

I heard two dogs
coughing back and forth

until they resolved into
one dog and his echo

Shaking over the dust

And the weather of far 
continents, thin as it's been,
eludes my memory
my imagination.

It rained a little in England
It snowed very, very briefly in Japan

Germany and the Netherlands were 
dreamworlds of sun
and cloud -- Italy gave all.

That notion of 
madness climbing with latitude
growing with the length of summer
days and winter nights.


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